A Full Day of Travel and We’re in Athens

Airport travel almost always leaves you with stories to tell and this time was no different.  Since our flight out of LAX boarded at 5:40am, we stayed at a Sheraton nearby the night before.  When we got to the hotel, we could see remnants of the day’s dance competition convention.  I’m not sure exactly what was happening, since we needed to get to our room right away and at least attempt to sleep!  We planned to get up the next morning at about 4am!

Everything went smoothly until we got to our room.  As often happens, the keys wouldn’t open the door.  The usual thing is that the problem wasn’t poorly- coded keys.  This time it was an issue with the door itself!  When the engineer arrived, he had a long coat hanger-type “tool” (if you could call it that) that he used to open the door, which required him getting down on the floor and fishing for the lock on the other side.  Once the door was open, he began to work on the real problem of fixing the card reader.

While he was working, we were entertained by the party happening two doors down.  It was really loud and sounded like the guest were having way more fun that we were.  My guess is that a group of dancers who did well in the competition were hosting a party.  It was lively to say the least!

After more than a half-hour, the engineer finally called the manager to have us swap rooms.  Fred spoke to the manager and we were given a free stay in a new room on a higher floor.

Our flights to Philadelphia and Athens were uneventful.  We had decent seats – emergency exit row on the shorter trip and bulkhead on the longer one.  None of us slept much at the hotel or on the flights , so the kids got grouchy and I got delirious.  Here’s a pic that Fred snapped of us at the Philly airport.

We had fun teasing Fred about his outfit all day.  He was wearing socks with sandals due to his sore toe.  This was paired with his typical shorts and t-shirt, but the crowning glory was the navy blue blazer that he intends to wear for the formal nights on the cruise!  He didn’t want to carry an extra piece of luggage, so he wore it on the plane.  I had to capture the moment.  He can wear anything and still be confident!

And here’s a photo of our color-coded bags that I mentioned in a previous post.  Fred got each of us a different color handle so that we know which bag is ours.  You can also see one of the hand-sanitizers that he bought in the pic, too.  We have the colored handles on both our rolling bags and our backpacks.  It did make recognizing our luggage easier when we got to Athens – especially in our overly-tired state.

We got to Athens at approximately 9am local time.  Since our hotel is at the cruise port, it’s really far from the airport.  We decided that paying 60 euros for a taxi was too steep, so we took the local bus for about 1/3 of the cost.  It was easy and incredibly nice to just sit and watch the landscape pass by while we made our way here.  Needless to say, the first items on the to-do list are food and sleep.  More later!