Athens Sightseeing Day 3

Hiking around in the middle of the day on uneven surfaces in 90+ degree weather will eventually take its toll on anyone.  Due to muscle soreness and fatigue, we moved at a much slower pace today.  Instead of taking the stairs down from the 3rd floor on our way out in the morning, we took the elevator.  They look better than they feel – with the exception of Fred.  He somehow always has boundless energy!

Ready for another day in Athens – just not quite as energetic

Since the temperature was again soaring into the 90’s, we chose the air-conditioned Acropolis Museum.  I think we made a smart decision.  We took the metro in, which fortunately for us has a stop that is adjacent to the museum and didn’t require much walking in the hot sun.

The entrance of the Acropolis Museum

The museum is beautiful and very thoughtfully done.  It houses a huge collection of statues and other artifacts from the Acropolis.  It was designed by the architect Bernard Tschumi and construction was completed in 2009.  One of the most fascinating things about the construction is that it’s built on top of the ruins of an ancient Athenian neighborhood.  While waiting in line for tickets, visitors can see into an opening that has a partial view of the ruins of the houses and streets below them.

An ancient Athenian neighborhood under the Acropolis Museum

Unfortunately, the museum does not allow photographs to be taken of the exhibits indoors.  They did seem to allow visitors to snap a few shots on the third floor and I happily did so.  Here’s the view of the Acropolis, which is a short distance away.

A view of the Parthenon from the third floor of the Acropolis Museum

Also, here’s a quick shot I took of part of the gallery, which is dedicated to the Parthenon.  There’s a video presentation about it, but what’s really amazing is that the center portion of that floor of the museum has been constructed to be the exact dimensions of the Parthenon.  Visitors get to see the portions of the frieze that still exist.  Some of the bits are replicas, since some pieces of the frieze are at other museums.  It’s still really quite something to see.  The shot I quickly took here doesn’t show much of what’s there, but you can get an idea.

A quickly taken shot of the Parthenon gallery on the third floor

After the museum, we grabbed a late lunch at a restaurant nearby.  Fred was happy to finally find some hummus!  We were both surprised that hummus isn’t that popular in Athens.  Apparently, it’s popular on some of the other islands, but not here.

A late lunch after the museum

Here’s a shot of Fred’s hummus plate.  It didn’t taste the same as the hummus in the US.  Fred didn’t like it very much.  I think it was quite heavy on the tahini.

tahini hummus

The rest of us had grilled fish, stuffed octopus, and pork chops.  Here are some pics.

grilled fish and vegetables
stuffed octopus
pork chops and fries

We are just now about to head out to the cruise ship, so I will post more tomorrow if I can get online.  I know we have at least one day at sea, but we should have internet onboard.  It’s proven unreliable in the past, but I’m hoping for the best.  Cross your fingers for us!

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  1. Most of the hummus we tasted was made from fava beans, the choice in Greece. I did not like it either…stick with the Greek Salad. The feta cheese was amazing.

    1. I wish I could try it, Susan. I will have to take your word for it since both my son and I have a dairy intolerance. It looks incredible, though!

  2. What a fantastic start to the trip! Sabrina, this blog looks like a professional website page – well done! The fish dinners look delicious. You all look wonderful. Keep having fun and feel good! Love to you all xoxo

    1. Thanks, Lisa 🙂 I’m trying to capture it. It’s so beautiful here & the weather is finally getting a little cooler. We are all doing well and enjoying ourselves immensely. I hope you’re feeling well, too!

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