What happened to Santorini?

It can be quite a challenge for anyone who travels with food allergies or intolerances.  Kyle and I were both thrilled when we arrived on the ship to find that Princess has done a fabulous job of labeling all of the items at the buffet.  Neither of us can tolerate dairy or eggs, so it will make our time here a lot easier.  The head waiter is also doing a great job taking extra care with us in the dining room.  Every night at dinner, he comes by with the next night’s menu to discuss any changes that might need to be made.   We’re all really impressed with this attention to detail and it is truly appreciated.

Everything is labeled for those with food allergies and intolerances

Our only great disappointment has been the cancellation of our first port:  Santorini.  Out of all of the ports we are visiting during this cruise, Santorini was the one we wanted to see the most.  Apparently, the waves were too high for the tenders to take us into port safely.  So instead of seeing the beautiful whitewashed towns of Oia and Fira, we were to spend the day in Corfu.

We don’t have very reliable internet on the ship, so there was no way for us to research the best things to do there.  We could have taken an excursion, but none of them seemed very interesting to us.  Fortunately, we love just wandering around new places.  We took the shuttle bus offered by Princess to the bus terminal and caught a city bus to the main town square.  Here’s a couple of shots of our crew while on the shuttle.

Kayla and Fred looking beautiful as always
Kyle contemplating the meaning of life in the early morning hours while heading into Corfu

Our strategy in Corfu was to use the main square as our starting point and just take each of the streets from there – just wandering down each one until it turned residential.  Then we would head back to our staring point, find another street and do the same.  Here are some typical shots of streets and shops from our meanderings.

A typical street shot near the main city square in Corfu
The best sugar you can find anywhere. I presume the clothing is edible.

It was another really hot day in Corfu, so we were glad to slip into stores of any kind to get a bit of relief from the hot sun.  Corfu, like many places here, have a mix of old and new.  It was truly amazing to see this old air conditioner still working.

This A/C actually still works

I’m always amazed at the difference in flavorings that we find in new places.  Whether it be fine cuisine, candy, or potato chips.  I really wanted to try these oregano-flavored potato chips.  Unfortunately for me, they contained milk, so I couldn’t indulge.  Any place that has oregano potato chips is alright with me though 🙂

Anywhere that has oregano chips is alright with me

After walking several miles in the hot sun, we needed to refuel, so we found a great little place with coffee and tea near the main square.   The waitress spoke fluent English and was very helpful.  She pointed us to the local post office so that I could mail a postcard to family back home.  She even showed us where the best beaches are – the ones that the locals go to.  Unfortunately, the beach was 1.5 hours away and we only had a little while before we had to return to the ship.

Yes, here we are eating again

My internet is going to be spotty from now until the end of our trip, but I will do my very best to keep up the blog.  I’m currently sitting at a cafe in Kotor, but the waiter is starting to give us looks since we’ve been here an hour and Fred only ordered an espresso 🙂   This place is truly amazing!  I can’t wait to share our photos and experiences here.  I will try to get those up in the next day or two.