Quick Update & Another Typhoon

We are still dealing with internet issues, so I can’t share any photos right now. I am still taking tons of photos and copious notes & I do promise to get the blog updated as soon as I can. Right now, we are at sea between ports in Vietnam, which has been incredible. We are waiting for news from the captain about the typhoon threatening the Philippines. We have a stop planned for Manila on this Wednesday, but it is looking like we will have to skip it for safety reasons. We do plan to go back to Manila, Davao City, and Palawan this coming March, so it won’t be the end of the world if we miss it. I just hope the storm, which is currently a category 4, doesn’t do too much damage.

I’ve gotten several emails asking how we’re doing and what is causing the hold up on the posts. Everything is fine and everyone here is doing quite well. The kids are really enjoying seeing so many different places. Everything they’re experiencing:  the languages, the cultures, the foods, the architecture – it’s really influencing them and their creative projects.  This is exactly what we hoped when we planned this long adventure several years ago. I will share all of the details as soon as I can get the internet to cooperate! Until then, don’t worry about us and know that we are safe and happy. The typhoon will not be a concern since our captain is watching the weather and keeping us a safe distance away. Please keep commenting, emailing, and texting to let us know how you guys are all doing. Lots of love from the South China Sea XOXO