Just Two Days Before We Leave

It’s just over 48 hours before we leave on our first cruise and everyone is getting excited about the trip.  I’ve been busy researching each of the ports where we’ll stop in the Mediterranean.  Some of the smaller places, like Gibraltar, are really easy to plan.  Other places, such as Florence, take a bit more time.  Kayla’s been pitching in and thanks to her research, we’re hoping to visit Pompeii!

Fred, being as “type A” as he is, has already started his packing.  He’s purchased each of us a lock for our suitcases, brightly colored handles for our luggage (color-coded to each of us…so we know which ones are ours), and even hand sanitizer that clips onto our backpacks.  What more do we need?  Stay tuned!

Update:  Fred managed to drop a really heavy item on the big toe of his right foot while moving some things in the garage.  It might be a challenge for him to walk over the next few days – exactly when he needs to be at his best to get through the airports.  I just hope no one steps on it.  I’m cringing just thinking about it.