Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima

I’m way behind on these posts.  I haven’t been able to upload any of the photos that I’ve been taking.  During the last cruise, I could usually find a wifi connection in port, but this time it’s been more difficult due to the issues with the passwords being in Chinese, Korean, etc.  Anyway, I had some luck on the onboard wifi and got some of the photos uploaded yesterday, so I should be able to post at least a couple of our recent stops.  Hopefully I will get some more photos uploaded soon.  Keep your fingers crossed 🙂

We had a short day in Hiroshima.  I haven’t been feeling as well lately, so I was really limited in how much I could walk that day.  Luckily there was a shuttle directly from the ship to the closest trolley stop (Hiroden-Itsukaichi).  We took the local trolley to the Atomic Bomb Dome station (also called Genbaku Dome-mae) and walked a really short distance to see the dome.  The building is the only one that was left standing in the hypocenter of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.

Our first view of the Atomic Bomb Dome

We were delighted to see all of the students in their navy uniforms and colorful hats.  There were quite a few groups present and each class had different colored hats.  They smiled and waved to us when the teachers weren’t looking 🙂

Some of the students we saw at the Atomic Bomb Dome

We walked around the side of the building and took some time looking at the different facades & just what was left of the building in general.  There was a lot of twisted metal & rubble on the ground that didn’t make it into the photo.

This is the facade to the right of the one previously shown, and closest to the water.   Honkawa & Motoyasu-gawa Rivers are just behind me as I faced the building taking this photo.

We could see Peace Memorial Park from where we stood near the bombed building.  The park is truly lovely and despite the evidence of destruction that loomed right in front of us, I felt a real sense of peace there.  The surrounding landscaping is just beautiful and people were kayaking by on the Motoyasu-gawa River.  Even with the building right in front of me, it was really hard to imagine such an awful event happening there not so long ago.  We decided to walk across the bridge to the other side of the river and take a look at Peace Memorial Park.

The Honkawa and Motoyasu-gawa Rivers flow on either side of the park.  This is a view of the Atomic Bomb Dome from the park on the opposite side of the river.
Another view of the Atomic Bomb Dome from across the river in Peace Memorial Park.

There were a lot of students in the park on this side of the river, too.  Some of them were taking photos next to the Children’s Peace Monument, which is there to remember the children that were victims of the atomic bomb.

The Children’s Peach Monument we saw in Peace Memorial Park.

After we left the park, we walked to Hondori shopping street, which is across Motoyasu-bashi bridge adjacent to the park.  It is a covered shopping street, which was welcome since a light rain started right as we left the park.

A view down the main shopping street near Peace Memorial Park

I wasn’t feeling all that great by this point, so I didn’t take anymore photos.  Basically, we just walked around in the covered shopping area, ate some Indian food, and found a place to get a chair massage.  Then we headed back to the ship.

I wanted to thank Kyle for helping out with the Tokyo posts.  Since the areas we went in Tokyo were mainly for the kids, it made sense to have him talk about what he saw during those days.  We’ve really enjoyed Japan and hope to come back and spend more time here in the future.  The people are so friendly and helpful.  Even with the language barriers, we’ve felt incredibly welcome and safe here and the experiences we’ve had here have been like no other.