Hong Kong – Stanley Market & Central

I’ve been to Hong Kong before.  I enjoyed seeing the skyline on the Star Ferry in Hong Kong Harbor and walking in some of the local parks, but for me, the overpowering smell of the dried fish markets really got to me – and Fred had even more trouble with it.  Needless to say, I wasn’t too keen on experiencing that again.  I knew that the kids hadn’t seen the city, however, and Fred was eager to show us places I had not been before, so I was willing to give it another chance.  I’m glad I did.

A couple of friends that we’ve made onboard the ship were going to Stanley Market, so we decided to head out that way, too.  We were told that it was one of the largest open-air markets in Hong Kong, so we hopped on the shuttle to another mall and caught the subway there.

The APM mall is where the cruise ship shuttle bus dropped us off. Luckily it is connected to the subway system.
We all fell in love with this enormous Halloween bear.
Fred stopped at Starbucks to get an iced mocha before we got on the subway.

Then we got off the subway and walked a couple of blocks (because we weren’t sure where we were going) to the Exchange Square bus terminus.  We got on bus number 260, a double-decker bus with comfortable seats and wifi, and started toward Stanley Market. Kyle was quick to pop the Dramamine because we knew we were in for a windy road along the coast.  There were some seriously spectacular views!  Sorry for the backlit photos, but it was the best I could do in the situation.

a street in Central, Hong Kong
a street view in Central while we were walking to find the bus
another shot of Central as we found our way to the bus
The kids enjoy the free wifi on the bus and the spectacular views along the coast.

Fred had been to Stanley Market before and both he remembers it being a lot larger.  For the time it took us to get out there, we were expecting more.  We walked around a while and looked at the various shops, but we ended up leaving empty-handed.  Of course, as usual, we joked about the various shop names that we saw.

Fred stops in front of one of the shops at Stanley Market.
Kyle poses in front of street art at Stanley Market.
The family give me their signature amused looks in the main shopping area at Stanley Market.
This is typical of the shops we saw. You could find a little of everything: souvenirs, tech gadgets, bedding, clothing, etc.
Bed & Beyond: perhaps they don’t have room for the bath products?
We wanted to say hello to this sweetheart, but the shop was closed!

Once we left the market, we walked around the area for a little while and did find a lovely little rocky beach.  We spent a few minutes there enjoying the views.

Fred, Kayla, and Kyle take a break from all of the walking to enjoy the views along the coast.

We soon hopped on the bus and headed back into the city.  There was an Indian restaurant that Fred wanted to try and it was close to the bus station, so once we got back, we headed straight there (except for Fred’s unicorn).  Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed, so we ended up going next door to a casual place that had falafel, chicken skewers, and (drum roll)…chicken tikka masala on the menu (Yay for Fred).  None of it was more than average, but we were really hungry, so it hit the spot.  Fred also grabbed a quick juice to top it all off once we were heading back to the subway.

walking toward the Indian restaurant back in Hong Kong
Fred makes friends wherever he goes.
Fred raved about the drink he got here.

Near the subway, we made a pitstop at LUSH to pick up a few more bath products for the ship because you can really never have too many LUSH products.  There were quite a few new Halloween items, so we ended up getting a florescent yellow shower gel, a body scrub, and my absolute favorite: Ocean Salt (that’s right – another body scrub).

Kayla feels at home in LUSH no matter which country we’re in.
One of the seasonal soaps that I plan to try when we’re back home – this one is part of the Christmas lineup.

We headed back to the subway and then waited at the mall for our shuttle bus.  It was rush hour, so the trains were packed.

There are lots of helpful signs to lead you back to the subway.
the crowded trains during rush hour
waiting for the shuttle bus at the mall

It was not the best day we’ve had, but it was a good one.  I was happy to see a different side of Hong Kong – one that I enjoyed way more than the first visit.