Honolulu – Stocking Up for the Last Week Onboard

Today was a day that we mostly just did work and restocked our supplies.  Think snacks 😉

The kids both decided to sleep in, but Fred and I got up around 8am and walked to the closest Coffee Bean, which was about 1.5 miles away from where the ship was docked.  We had a little trouble finding it, but eventually ran into a really nice guy who walked out of his way to show us how to get there.  Then we sat down for an hour or two and worked.  I got to upload and edit more photos for the blog, so that means I might get to post something before we get home (if the internet on the ship cooperates).

While we were there, one of the crew members came walking by our table.  He had overheard Fred talking to our head waiter in the dining room last night.  Fred had been telling him about the drink he gets at the Coffee Bean.  The guy had actually come over to the coffee shop to try Fred’s drink!  I told Fred he should treat him to the dark chocolate mocha over ice, so Fred followed him in and picked up the tab.  We have all really enjoyed spending so much time with the crew.  Some of them have become friends.  We will miss many of them when we get back to Los Angeles.

Fred is monkeying around with his pals as usual.

It was also great to get to Honolulu to resupply the ship itself.  Due to our change in itinerary, the ship had to arrange a shipment with a different supplier in Guam.  Unfortunately for all of us, the produce hadn’t been packaged properly and some of it spoiled.  We haven’t had bananas or lettuce for the past week.  It’s made meals very difficult.  The ship’s been in short supply of yogurt and soy milk, too.  Luckily a crew member put some almond milk aside for me since he knew I’d be lost without a cow’s milk alternative.  We’re just happy that we’ll have more choices for our final week onboard.

After our morning working at the Coffee Bean, we walked back to the ship to meet the kids for lunch.  We stayed onboard for a short while and ate a light lunch in the cafe.  Once we were done, we headed back down to the harbor and took the shuttle bus to the Ala Moana shopping mall.  Well, it was actually a shuttle offered by Walmart, but we could easily walk to the mall from there, so that’s what we did 🙂

The Massage Palace turned out to be a really great choice for sore feet.

When we first got to the mall, we saw a massage place.  It had just opened 2 weeks before and there was a great special.  They convinced us to come inside and try a two-minute sample to see if we wanted to get a full massage.  My guy had magic hands, so I was definitely in!  Fred and I told the kids to meet us in an hour.  It was about $55 per person for a 70 minute massage.  About half of it was a foot massage.  I had never had a Chinese foot massage that focused on acupressure points.  After walking at least four miles already that morning, it was really wonderful.  If you’re ever in the area, I do recommend this place.

We were all really happy to just have a normal day walking around a typical mall.

Once we left the massage place, the kids met us and showed us around the mall.  There really wasn’t anything out of the ordinary to see, so I didn’t take many pictures.  We ended up eating ramen in the food court.  It was our least favorite ramen since we’ve been away from home though, so I don’t want to say much more about it.  Fred got a smoothie from Jamba Juice.

This was the place that we eventually decided on. It was average.
Kyle added a lot of hot sauce to his bowl of ramen.  It was almost too hot to eat, but he likes it hot!

Seriously, this day was almost like being back home, since we didn’t do a hike or anything.  We had planned to hike to Diamond Head, but I got a blister walking around in sandals in the morning.  We want to hike tomorrow in Kauai and the hikes there are supposed to be a lot better than this one, so Fred argued that I should not make the situation with my foot any worse than it already is.  That’s why we ended up at the mall.  It was fun though.  We always try to make the best of any situation.  We had a good time!

We were impressed with the concert we happened upon in the Honolulu mall.

We did see a high school string concert while we were there.  The kids were really quite good.  Kayla said it reminded her of the old days.  I laughed when I thought about how short her list of “old days” are 😉

I don’t know how I’d feel if I actually saw a family of four walking around in these matching outfits – even in Honolulu 🙂  Can you imagine the four of us wearing these?

It wasn’t the most notable of days.  We just went to The Coffee Bean so that Fred could have his favorite coffee, we took advantage of the internet there and worked for awhile, and then we went to the mall.  Even though it doesn’t translate well to the blog, it was still a really nice day.  Rather than rushing around seeing a bunch of sites, it was nice to just do some “normal” everyday things and since we’ve been to Honolulu a few times before, this was the place to do it.