Ports of Call

Everyone is packed and ready to go.  Our flight leaves at 6am, so we are staying at a hotel close to the airport.  A close friend has been kind enough to offer to take us to LAX, since we’d rather not leave our car there for three weeks.  Sharlin, you’re the best!

I thought I’d share a list of the ports we’re visiting on this first cruise.  Here they are (in order): Continue reading “Ports of Call”

Just Two Days Before We Leave

It’s just over 48 hours before we leave on our first cruise and everyone is getting excited about the trip.  I’ve been busy researching each of the ports where we’ll stop in the Mediterranean.  Some of the smaller places, like Gibraltar, are really easy to plan.  Other places, such as Florence, take a bit more time.  Kayla’s been pitching in and thanks to her research, we’re hoping to visit Pompeii! Continue reading “Just Two Days Before We Leave”